How to pay off debt during a pandemic and raise your credit score 200 points

Step 1: Get paid to stay home during a quarantine

Step 2: Volunteer all of your quarantine free-time helping people and spreading name recognition

Step 3: Use that name recognition to get hired at a job that pays four times your previous annual salary

Step 4: Pay off your debts and watch your credit score rise dramatically

With these four simple steps I have paid off all of my personal loans, a credit card, and even settled delinquent accounts, and if I can do it, anyone can!

If this sounds ridiculous, that is because it is; the formula that nearly every financial article or blog follows is essentially what is stated above, and I have translated them into realistic terms below.
Step One: Be privileged or affluent enough to be in the situation that enables your financial goals

Step Two: Have free time that is not otherwise occupied by a second job, caring for family members, or transportation to and from your current occupation.

Step Three: Be well known by individuals or organizations with money.

Step Four: Seize the opportunity that was afforded to you by your privilege or the environment that enabled you to have those connections and free time.

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