Surviving in the City of Good Neighbors

I moved to this city in 2013 with no employment. I moved out when I was around 19, while most people my age were still living with their parents. To move to Buffalo, I spent all I had on an apartment Security deposit with no . I was very lucky to have found employment, and networking my way into a steady job here.

At the moment, I work three jobs and attend Buffalo State college, while volunteering at a Non-profit. You may think I am crazy, and you are absolutely correct. I have ZERO chill. I need to always do something.

What this means for you is that I have invested a large amount of time finding ways to save money on everything. These last few months alone I lowered my monthly phone bill to $15, have a free gym membership, am completing a Bachelors and Masters Degree for free, and lowered my rent by $100 a month; It was a mix of patience, opportunity, and preparation that enabled all of this.

Information should be free, and it is my responsibility to share whatever tips or methods I find so that we can all save on our bills, invest in ourselves, and have a brighter future.

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