Too Poor To Budget

*According to the US Census, the median income for Buffalo is $35,000 with at least 30% of citizens living in poverty, and the average cost of living is as follows*

-One bedroom apartment  $1031

-Utilities (internet, electricity, heat, garbage) $300

-Cell phone $70

-Toiletries and clothing $100

-Transportation (Car insurance, Fuel, Car payment, Parking) $600

-Basic Low Cost Health Insurance (Average between Premiums, Deductibles, Copays) $250 

– Now, lets allow $200 a month for basic groceries, only eating at home, and never ordering takeout or visiting a bar. 

This is a generous and bare-bones average taken from multiple sources between the US Census, Average Costs of Living, My personal minimalist budget, and AAA.

All of these expenses total $32,400. On paper, you now have an extra $2,600 to set aside.

But, what happens when you get a flat tire, are involved in an accident, or need an expensive car repair? That is an average of $600 

What happens when you use your laptop for work or school and it breaks? That is easily another $600 for a quality laptop with current prices.

 Even though the Average income is that high and most of us earn far less, let us pretend and use these numbers.

If your income is $35,000, and your basic expenses are $33,600, you are left with around $115 a month extra; an extra $1400 a year to save. While this is certainly a large amount of money to most of us, it would take us two decades to save the same amount these people have claimed to save solely by their “budgeting”.

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